Troy T. McClainMentor

Troy T. McClain, founder of the I Am Foundation, has designed a program for mentors to develop a lasting relationship with their mentees and assist them in their life goals, especially educational and career goals. He has set high expectation of performance, is able to build self-confidence in others, can confront negative behaviors and attitudes, teach by example, offer wise counsel and encourage young people on the path to adulthood with a sense of pride and winning behavior. Troy, a captivating author, minister, speaker, mentor and trainer that specializes in shifting mindsets from mediocrity to greatness. Troy is an expert at providing interactive, engaging tools for schools and organizations, that have resulted in changed behavior, greater self-confidence and awareness, and most importantly, an increased graduation rate among male students. Troy is committed and dedicated to his community where he founded his mentorship program.

Lucius GibbsMentor

Lucius Gibbs, Mentoring Program Director/Co-Founder assists in empowering youth in the community to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their potential. He is committed to supporting, guiding, and being a friend to young people helping them to develop and reach positive academic, career, and personal goals. He takes the lead in supporting young persons through an ongoing one-on-one relationship. He serves as a positive role model, he sets goals working toward accomplishing them. Lucius Gibbs has been helping kids in the community for 20 plus years by coaching football, teaching trades, consulting with troubled kids, and doing whatever he could do to keep them from going down the same path that he once traveled. His goal as a productive citizen is to help kids become responsible, productive citizens, to learn skills and trades that will help them to become strong men and women of their community and teach them how to love and respect themselves and others.

Darryl Capleton aka Coach DMentor

Darryl Capleton, aka Coach "D" was born and raised in Charleston, SC. He has been a Youth Mentor/Coach ;for the past 10 plus years as well as mentoring at-risk young adults in and out of our judicial justice system as youth of all ages in Charleston and surrounding areas. He enjoys empowering youth to avoid the trappings of the world, remain positive in the community, and by taking lead through ongoing one-on-one mentoring, being a role model and establishing friendships. Steering these young individuals in making appropriate life choices enable them to maximize their personal and educational potential to become stronger role models.

Coaching/Mentoring is one of his God given gifts. His passion is to help the younger generation succeed and exceed in life. He believes all kids desire to be great, all they need is proper guidance, structure, and to be heard. He has worked and collaborated with several organization in South Carolina at all levels, mentoring and coaching. "It is a blessing to be part of the amazing work that the I Am Foundation provides for our youth."

Deon NowellMentor

Deon Nowell-"My roots are buried in a community that my past has forsaken, but my future wants to nourish". Deon Nowell has become a servant to the community. Once incarcerated for drug and gun possession, he has turned his life around. Deon Nowell was sentenced to twenty-five years in a federal prison. After serving 13 years he was granted clemency from our former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Deon now has a passion for restoring the community through enriching programs.

Since his release in 2017, Deon has joined a South Carolina Statewide Re-entry coalition along with JustLeadership USA to fight the problem of mass incarceration. With the mutual belief that those who are closest to the problem, are those who are the closest to the solution. They address community needs for citizens returning home and families dealing with the impact of incarceration.

Deon Nowell has also started a You.Being.Empowered movement with a vision to empower those to empower themselves, and realize the full potential they possess. Deon believes that by finding what motivates us, we can push ourselves in ways that are unimaginable. He has shown this by becoming a successful business owner of IRBE Apparel, a dream that he has fulfilled. Deon also mentors and performs poetry.

Cynthia A. BeaulieuChief Financial Officer

Cynthia A. Beaulieu, chief Financial Officer has owned and operated Federated Tax Services since 1989. Her mission has been to meet the needs of the community by offering innovative, practical and top quality services. As owner of Federated Tax Services for over 25 years, Cynthia is a Registered Tax Return Preparer, Full charge bookkeeper, accounting manager and a business consultant. While proving to be a successful entrepreneur, as the chief financial officer, it is her daily responsibility to oversee the financial operation of the I Am Foundation which includes collecting funds, depositing them daily, preparing monthly financial statements, and the annual form 990, Return for Organization Exempt from Taxation. Serving as a member of the I Am Foundation staff will benefit the organization since her enormous amount of skills will bring diversity to the table. She is a person of integrity. She is honest, enthusiastic, competent, and tackles problems as they occur. She takes an orderly approach to decision making.

Angela M. PrimusAdministrator

Angela M. Primus is a 29-year-old native of Saint George, SC. She is the oldest daughter of Howard and Mary Primus. Angela obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English from Claflin University and is currently obtaining her Master of Arts in Professional Writing from Liberty University. Currently, Angela is employed with the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Job Developer. Ms. Primus is also a Global Career Facilitator. After receiving her master’s Angela hopes to become a Professional Grant Writer. The dream of becoming of a grant writer stems from wanting to see each community strive for excellence and ensure each youth has a proper education.

Angela is currently a member of Second Providence Baptist Church where she is the Youth Advisor. Angela accepted God into her life at the tender age of ten (10). From the guidance of her grandmother teaching her about Christ. Angela ‘s motto has become Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”